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High Quality Shift Boots Handcrafted in the USA

Stronghold Shiftboots Jeep CJ Shift Boots

We handcraft high quality, weather durable marine grade vinyl Jeep and 1st Gen Dodge shift boots. Strongholds boots are designed for those who are looking to enhance their Jeep or Dodge interior with a good looking, durable, high quality boot that lasts and can be taken to a show while also withstanding the elements of the trail. Our boots are designed to be a direct fit replacement and have been test fit before we offer them on our site. We take pride in handcrafting a quality product that is made in the USA! Boots can be customized with a  variety of vinyl colors, vinyl textures, thread colors, and even hot/cold insulation. We stand behind our workmanship and all of our boots are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Jeep CJ Shift Boots Replacement Vinyl Shift Boot

 See the About Us page to read about our story and about the materials we use to handcraft our boots. If you do not see the boot model you need, vinyl or thread color, please contact us directly with your request. 

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