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Stronghold Shiftboots are handcrafted in the USA (in our Jeep garage in fact) with marine grade UV protected vinyl that withstands the heat and maintains it's integrity in the cold to minus 30 degrees F. Our shiftboots are offered in a variety of vinyl colors, textures, thread colors, we even offer hot/cold insulation. All boots have undergone a rigorous test fit and design process  and come with a limited lifetime warranty. 
Some of our Jeep boots come with a trim bezel which connects the boot to your Jeep. The trim bezel was designed by us and  is made with UV ABS plastic and is also made to maintain it's integrity in the heat and cold. The beauty of our boots and bezel is they are designed to be mounted utilizing the same holes your original boot uses. 
We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Please call, email, or direct message us and we will be happy to help. 
Thank you for choosing Stronghold Shiftboots!
Stronghold Shift Boots Jeep Dodge Shift Boots
Our Story
When I couldn't find a durable vinyl replacement jeep shift-boot for my 1984 CJ-7 that I was restoring, and after fellow Jeepers expressed their frustration with the limited, rubber only, options of shift-boots on the market...I decided to create my own. 
After a year of designing, testing materials, trial and error, I finally created what we were looking for...A durable vinyl replacement shift-boot to withstand the elements, all of our off roading (mis)adventures, look good enough to pull off a show set up. I call them Stronghold Shiftboots.  
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