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T4/5, SR4, T176/177 DANA300

We are currently offering boots for the T4, T5, SR4, T176, T177 and Dana300 in any variation needed. In addition to the single stick Dana300, we also offer a Twin Stick Dana 300 boot for all transmission combinations. Below are pictures of what we offer, while not every combination may not be pictured, we assure you that if you have one of these combos, then we have a boot for you!

T4, T5, SR4 or Auto and Dana 300

If you have any one or combination of the above transmissions and transfer-case, these boots are for you.


The circular boot will be for the transmission and is designed to screw into the stock holes from your original rubber shift boot.

The rectangle boot is for the Dana300 and comes in both single and twin stick. 

T176, T177 and Dana 300

If you have any combination of the above transmissions and transfer-case, this boot is for you.


This boot was designed to be a single unit just as the stock rubber boot was. In addition to the Twin Stick option shown, a single stick is available. All boots are sewn together for a seamless fit.

* All boots have the ability to be double stitched with the color of your choice including RED, BLUE, BLACK, CAMO GREEN and ORANGE.


**Double-stitch is an additional $5.00 per boot


***Not all seams are able to be double stitched, the seam not double stitched is the seam least visible to the driver. 

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