Replacement shift boot kit for a CJ manual T176/177 transmission and a single stick Dana300 transfer case. Designed and handcrafted in the USA by Stronghold Shiftboots from high quality, weather durable marine grade vinyl. Made to last.


  • Designed to be a direct fit replacement boot
  • Carbon fiber with red top stitch & carbon fiber with black top stitch pictured 
  • Boot includes 

    • Mounting bezel

    • Hardware (#8 1-3/4)

  • Allow 3-5 business days to make custom orders

80-86 CJ T176/177/D300 Shift Boot Set

Vinyl Color
Top Stitch
    • The Trim Bezel is beveled for a screw, but not completely drilled out. Drilling is required. We do this so you can drill out any size you need for your specific application.
    • Single integrated boot for each shifter which allows for a sleek but functional design. 
    • Due to the small opening of the boot and its design, we are unable to Top Stitch every seam. Therefore, there will be one seam that is not stitched. This seam will be the seam least visible by the driver. 

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