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Made to Order Custom Straps (1" width)




Custom Fit door straps to replace those worn, ripped or faded straps. 


Our straps made out of high quality polyester webbing and stitched with a bonded poly thread to withstand the harsh conditions our vehicles can endure. 


Our straps are made with a 1" diameter hole for your hook or bracket. We have determined this fits most Jeep brackets for most years. 


*We can custom make your straps to any length and to attach to any diameter hook or bracket beyond the selection here. If you are needing a custom setup not available here, please use our Contact Us form and send us a message with your specific requests. 

Custom Straps

Webbing Color
Stitch Color
  • All straps are made of 1" Polyester webbing and stitched with bonded polyester thread. 



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